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Community Rules

1. Be a Single Parent

This means having a legal claim/custody of children (yours, adopted, foster, etc.) and not living with the co-parent. Legally separated or married parents looking to file for divorce could also possibly be admitted (this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis with certain exceptions). All other forms of relationship are welcome.

2. No Hate Speech, Bullying, or Being Disruptive.

Bullying and degrading comments regarding race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, engaging in public drama, making threats, defamation, libel, or slander won’t be tolerated. Excessive cursing in posts, calling other members derogatory terms with intent to hurt, and engaging in online trolling will get you removed.

3. Assume Your Own Risks
We verify the authenticity of accounts but do not conduct any verifications or background checks beyond that. At the end of the day, we are thousands of strangers on the internet. It is your own responsibility to assess risks before interacting with or meeting any members outside of RespectGroup hosted events. Do your own due diligence.


4. No Sexual or Upsetting Content

Be respectful to fellow members. We have portals designed to promote free expression. Do not post rated, violent, or overall questionable content on the main community. Do not send unsolicited and questionable content to members over Facebook Messenger. Stop sharing such content when asked to. Visit to find your niche.

5. Respect Everyone's Privacy

Whatever is shared in this group must remain in this group and cannot be shared outside of it. Discussions, posts, events, pictures, etc. may be sensitive in nature and must remain the private property of our community. Sharing information outside will get you banned and blocked from rejoining our community. Any photos and videos captured at a RespectGroup function can be used as promotional material benefiting the growth of our communities.

6. Conflict Resolution

Members must attempt to resolve their own issues. If they cannot, then must file a complaint at RespectGroup will only assist in the resolution of conflicts that are directly tied to an incident that occurred in our portals or at a RespectGroup hosted events. The resolutions we can provide are as follows:

  1. You may request an admin to help mediate a resolution between the members,

  2. An admin may request that members block each other (with the promise of not engaging at RespectGroup events).

  3. If parties are NOT willing to block each other (or find other ways to break Rule 2), they will be removed.

  4. In cases of criminal misconduct and/or compromised physical safety, an admin may request the member file a police report (we may offer to assist, when possible). With a case number assigned by local law enforcement, any alleged perpetrator will immediately be removed from our communities. When such a case is resolved, a former member can request to rejoin our community. Such requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

7. No Soliciting/Cross Promoting Without Approval.

Before linking to another group or soliciting our members to join a competing group, please clear it with admins. Soliciting and promoting without approval will get you banned. When in doubt - ask.

8. No Discussions of Politics or Religion

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs. You can’t change their mind; they can’t change yours.  You’ll start a conflict in the process.  Instead, let’s coexist and stay off hot topics.

9. This is Not a Dating Site

We encourage new friendships and being in support of each other but remember to allow for personal space and to be respectful. No means no.  Solicitations (in posts or over messenger) will get you banned. For dating, visit the portal dedicated to that. For a list of portals, visit

10. Do not Admin or Moderate a Competing Group

This includes the group(s) limiting access to our members by their association with our admins. You're welcome to try and solicit co-working relations between the groups by contacting an admin.  If no working relationship can be established between such groups, you’ll have an option of stepping down from your responsibilities there or leaving our community. This only applies to admins. Members can partake in any number of groups outside of our communities.

11. Respect Admins and Moderators

Admins are here in support of all members. They dedicate their time and often enter conflict to help find peaceful resolutions. Please respect your admins and moderators. They don’t get paid for this. Their work is not easy. DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS. Failing to acknowledge the Community Rules, as enforced by the admins, may get your membership revoked.

12. Main Community vs the Portals

Make sure you're a part of the main community to remain in any of our portals. Members that join any of the portals but remove themselves from the main RespectGroup community will be removed from the portals until they rejoin the main community. To check out all that RespectGroup has to offer, visit

13. No Solicitation for Materialistic Gain.

This means no asking for money/gifts/electronic fund deposits and no sharing of GoFundMe campaigns or any other grassroot money collecting platforms.

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