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Live Tv Services

Live Tv Services

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YouTube Tv Add-on Services

To order service:

New Customer:
1. Select Basic Service;
- Click add to cart, once added, do not check out.
2. Select one-time registration*,
Click add to cart, once added and you do not wish to subscribe to any additional
channels, continue to check out. (Your subscription will be refunded if one-time registration fee is not added to your purchase)
3. If you wish to add any other channels;
- Select the channel you want, click add to cart and repeat with any other channels you wish to subscribe to. Once done, click check out to finalize your purchase.

Existing customers:
After check out you will receive an email with your account details. You will also receive a link to your account with each billing cycle at the bottom of your receipt. Log in to your account to cancel any subscription or add any additional services to your subscription.

 RespectGroup is excited to offer Live Tv Streaming services exclusive to our members at an amazing price starting at $29.99. Your family can stream live tv simultaneously on up to two Tv's (or smart devices) at the same time. If you ever thought about cutting the cord, now is the time to do it! Save an average of $500 to $800 annually by switching over from your provider to our member-infused family streaming! Our members will gain access to 65+ top channels of entertainment, news, live sports, & more, including unlimited DVR recording. No cable box, contracts, or hidden fees.

Contact a RespectGroup admin if you have any questions regarding our services.

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