GymPass Membership Program

GymPass Membership Program

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GymPass Membership


1. Select Program Subscription;
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2. Select one-time registration*,
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* - One-Time Registration is a one time fee and once paid will not be charged again on any active account. You can break this payment into 4 over 8 weeks at checkout!

Gympass is a corporate benefit that allows you access to multiple wellbeing partners. You can choose between gyms, studios, live classes and personal trainers. You may visit one gym/studio a day within the same plan tier or under. You also have unlimited access to our partner apps that are available within your plan.

Gympass is an Employer Benefit Program. RespectGroup is not an employer, instead, we pay the benefit as a group and forward individual cost of $19.99 (wellness apps included) to members that signed up. From there each member can make their choice in the Tier (plan) that best suits their needs.

View participating Fitness Centers in your area
You may search the map by address or zip code. You may also select different Plans (Tiers) to the right of the search box (on the map) to see what Fitness Centers are available under selected Tier.
Watch video on how to navigate the map with different Tiers
Watch this video on how to navigate the map with different Tiers selected

Click on link below to open map on providers website:

Tiers for TT6 Holdings are as follows:

$9.99 Starter
$24.99 Basic
$44.99 Bronze
$79.99 Silver
$139.99 Gold
$199.99 Platinum
$249.99 Platinum

For a list of what is included under each Tier please use the map link above or download the PDF list for our region

If you still cannot find your favorite fitness center, once subscribed, you can make a recommendation through your app and a dedicated team of GymPass representatives will get to work on adding that location or chain to their program.

Once signed up, members will receive an activation email within 2 to 3 business days. Username will be provided in that email, it will end with domain. At that time they will have an option of a 7 day trial of a membership tier that peaks their interest (each tier level allows access to more fitness centers), after the 7 days each member can finalize the Tier selection and enjoy access on a month to month basis. There are no contracts, cancel anytime.


Contact a RespectGroup admin if you have any questions regarding our services.

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