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Kids Corner

The Treehouse Kids Club

The Treehouse kids club is an online (zoom) Social gathering place we've launched, allowing the children of RespectGroup members to join, make meaningful, lasting connections with fellow kids, discuss, plan and execute events with the help and coordination of their parents.
Meeting ID: 840 8819 6573
Password: (Check Announcements in Main Community)

Kids Roblox Party

Every Saturday and Sunday we will be opening up our zoom to our children, talk, joke and play ROBLOX together on our private servers. Are your kids new to the group? Well now is the time for them to make friends from the safety and comfort of their own home!

Language restrictions apply. Please talk to your kids about required behavior, anyone found to be rude towards another, any inappropriate language etc. will be immediately booted from the server. Let’s keep it clean, let’s keep it fun ❤️
Meeting ID: 893 3833 7853
Passcode: (Check Announcements in Main Community)
Name Field: your child’s name and roblox tag

Bedtime Stories with Uncle Tenny

Join uncle Tenny each Thursday for our Book Club sponsored Bedtime Stories. Tuck your kids in bed, relax in your favorite chair and enjoy Antennian DeCarlo and his guests read bedtime stories for our precious little ones. Every Thursday brings a new adventure! We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Meeting ID: 840 8819 6573
Password: (Check Announcements in Main Community)

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