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This form is to file an official statement with RespectGroup Admins in the event of a complaint of any type of misconduct (either criminal or in violation of community rules) on behalf of a current RespectGroup member and allegedly perpetrated by another RespectGroup member.

RespectGroup Community Rules apply to all members equally. Remember that filing a complaint does not give you permission to disregard ANY rules (especially Rules 2, 6, 7 and 11). Please be patient with our process. The community rules are meant to protect all our members, not to suppress your individual voice or feelings. You are entitled to feel how you do and we will try to help mediate resolution.

Please note: RespectGroup Admins are NOT law enforcement, therapists, or legal counsel. Our capabilities in complaint resolution are limited to mediating and assisting, as necessary. In the event of a criminal allegations, we recommend immediate action be taken with local police. We can provide assistance, and, in the event of a criminal investigation, we will provide any evidence in our possession.

Complaint Form

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