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About RespectGroup

Thank you for your interest in our single parent community servicing Chicagoland area. We always strive to provide a place filled with parenting (R)esources and social (E)vents for all our (S)ingle (P)arents eager to (E)xplore (C)hicagoland (T)ogether. Our acronym, RESPECT, speaks for itself. The long journey that got us to here is often a winding road. It made some of us stronger but also left some brittle... We believe that RESPECT is an important key to bring balance back into our lives. It’s part of our name and it’s a requirement for group membership. We should always try to be conscious of each other in both communication and at our numerous events. We are here in support of common goals and challenges that most single parents face. We encourage all members to join in conversation, threads, comments, posts and kid friendly as well as adult only social events. We work hard to keep our community a stress free safe space for all members. Let’s bring the sanity back into our parenting lives - together! We're excited to see all of our members, seasoned or new, in person or at events or online at The Lounge!

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